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Time Pieces

When thinking about time, we quickly come to the conclusion, that time, even though essential to the human experience, defies an easy definition. Time by itself is difficult to grasp, we can merely hope to register the impact it has on our physical environment.


Inspired by how celestial black holes embody the challenge, that time poses to our understanding of the universe, the three pieces TIME IS WHITE, TIME IS BLACK and TIME IS CHANGE deal with different aspects of time as we perceive it.

TIME IS WHITE & TIME IS BLACK take up on how time is recorded in photography. TIME IS WHITE builds on the phenomenon of how an extended period of exposure leads to more light accumulating on the film. This translates in a darker negative and in turn a brighter positive.


TIME IS BLACK deals with the same concept, however while printing a photograph in the darkroom, an increased length of exposure has the opposite effect. The print becomes darker.

TIME IS CHANGE considers our ability to experience time as moving only in one direction. From past, to present, to future. Time can not be turned around, the original state of things can never be recreated.

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